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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Comcast Rant

So, I went to pick Andrew up from school. I was gone maybe, MAYBE, 20 minutes. I return home and there is a note on my door informing me that the cable has been turned off and leaving a number to call to get it turned back on or to arrange a pick up of the equipment.

Now, it is true that more often than I'd like, I pay my bill late. However, I not only paid my bill two weeks ago, but they told me I was caught up and that I wouldn't be due again until Oct. 8th. OCTOBER 8th! Ok, looking at the calendar, I clearly have 6 more days until it's even due. Hmmm...

Lesson in not having all your utilities with one company, not only does Comcast control my cable TV, but they control my internet and home phone also. So, I tell Andrew we need to go get back in the car because I'm going to have to find a phone to call and chew this guy out. :)

We get back down the stairs and the guy is still here and he's in the process of messing with things in the cable box. So, I say, "Are you Justin?" And of course he is.

So then I say, "Well, you just turned off my cable, my account is current as of two weeks ago."

Well, you know he can't take my word for it. He has to go call and confirm. And of course they tell him it's current. So, he turns it back on and I get, "They hadn't updated your account information. It's back on. Sorry for the mishap."

Excuse me??? In two weeks you can't update my information to show I've paid my account. What if he hadn't still been outside? I probably would have had to wait until tomorrow before getting it turned back on. And you know what? I still wouldn't have got more than, "Sorry for the mishap."


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  • At 12:09 PM , Blogger Tishia said...

    I too have my phone, cable and internet all through one provider. I have it automatically deducted from my savings account each month - this way I don't have to worry about falling behind or forgetting to mail a payment in.


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