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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yes, I am a Helicopter Parent

helicopter parent n. A parent who hovers over his or her children. Also: helicopter mother, helicopter mom, helicopter dad. As defined by Word Spy

I picked Andrew up from school yesterday just because he wanted me to. I'm almost out of gas, and I have no money for more gas until I get paid later this week. He could have rode the bus home which would have saved me that 50 cents worth of gas, but he asked me if I would pick him up. So, I did. Now let me tell you, the smile and glow on his face when he walked out and saw me sitting there was worth the 50 cents worth of gas. I would have walked to pick him up to make him that happy.

Ok, back to my story. So, I was sitting on the bench outside the classroom door when the bell rang for the class to be dismissed. Several of the kids were holding plants in little flower pots. A couple of his classmates recognized me as Andrew's mom and promptly informed me that Andrew needed to bring a flower pot to school the next day or his plant was going to get thrown away. So, I asked Andrew about it and of course he was supposed to tell me on Friday so that he could bring it on Monday, but he forgot to tell me. Now, had he told me, I would have had the whole weekend to find one or borrow one or at least come up with a cup or something.

So, I decide to just send a cup or something, and my friend was going to bring me a flower pot from work to put it in. Of course, then the morning happens. And he's running late as usual and I forgot to give him the cup for the plant. I'm in the shower when I remember. So, what did I do? I couldn't stand the thought of how upset he'd be if his plant got thrown away, so I finished my shower. I then got in the car, after getting dressed of course, and drove down to the discount store and spent $1.05 on a plastic flower pot. Then I drove down to the school and dropped it off for him.

I guess that makes me a helicopter mom. And you know what? I'm ok with that. Feel free to share your helicopter mom story with me.

Helicopter moms of the world unite! :)

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  • At 1:38 PM , Blogger Melody said...

    No, I don't think that classifies you as a helicopter Mom, you are just being a good parent. Helicopter parents are the ones who never let their child do anything. They can't get dirty - germs you know, they can't ride a bike or climb the jungle gym as they might get hurt or do any of the other usual kid type activities as the parent fears for their safety beyond reason.

    I say, Keep up the good work!


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