Single Work at Home Mom

Life as a single work at home mom

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I don't even know what to title this *LOL*

Yesterday morning Andrew was looking through some clothes trying to find something to wear to school. Well, he kept tugging at the front of his shorts. I couldn't figure out what he was doing. I know he sometimes, ahem, gets itchy down there so I figured that's what it was.

Suddenly, he starts crying and he says, "Mom! I hate it when my pee pee stays straight!"

I had to forcibly stop myself from falling off the chair laughing. Instead I calmly told him that it meant he needed to pee.

He said, "Oh, Ok!" Like he just had this huge revelation. Then he ran off to the bathroom.

I really had to hold in the laughter when he came running back exclaiming, "Mom! It worked!"

It dawned on me he wasn't tugging at his shorts. He was trying to get 'it' to go down, and it kept coming back up.

Oh, why didn't I have a girl if I was going to be a single mom?!?! *LOL*

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Motherly Pride?

My birthday is two weeks from yesterday. Andrew gets so excited about birthdays that I decided to mention it to him. As I knew he would, he got excited. Then I asked him if he knew how old mommy was going to be.

"34," he proudly answers.

My sister was in the car with us at the time and she chimes in, "Old!"

Indignantly, Andrew tells her, "Nuh, uh!"

I was so proud because my 5 year old child was jumping to my defense at my sister's joke.

My pride quickly turned sour when my sweet, innocent child announces, "She's already old!"

Honestly, I thought my sister was going to fall out of the car she was laughing so hard.

So much for motherly pride! *LOL*